Road to Recovery

“This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” (W. Churchill)

While the crisis is not over, our focus has now turned very clearly to the recovery phase of the pandemic crisis.

As leaders you have a basic decision to make – Do you want your business to return to what it was before the crisis became reality? After all, things were going pretty well… Business was booming … full (or close to full) employment … and world stock markets had been experiencing the longest bull run in history!

BUT at the same time complacency had been creeping in for a long time. Organisations had been talking about the need for transformation but with little real action. Corporations were receiving increasing criticism from shareholders and the broader community for becoming more exploitative and deviating from their ‘purpose’, for espousing transforming their workforces and embracing new ways of working for many years but with little tangible action, and leaders in business and government had been coming under greater and greater criticism.

Perhaps the return to normal is NOT the aspirational goal leaders should be setting ourselves!

The Road to Recovery is a forum for the serious leader!

If you want to challenge your thinking on leading through a crisis – nurturing optimism of the possible; reinventing and authentically transforming your business and its role in the world – then the Road to Recovery is a must attend event for you.

The Road to Recovery Virtual Summit is a series of five interactive roundtables held over 3 days with panels of global business and academic thought leaders from Australia, the UK and the US.

QUTeX, in collaboration with the Centre for Optimism, Australian Industry Group (AiGroup), the Australian Information Industries Association (AIIA), and state and federal governments is proud to bring you the Road to Recovery: A Virtual Summit.

As a registered participant you will not only hear from, and engage with, this extraordinary panel of leaders but you will also have access to a resource set of content, articles and thought leadership tools to aid you in your journey.

All proceeds from this event are donated to the QUT Learning Potential Fund – a fund to support scholarships and bursaries for students in need. To help make your gift go even further, QUT matches every donation to the Learning Potential Fund dollar-for-dollar.